Stock investment in 2020: 3 actionable learnings

2020 is a rough year: an unprecedented crash followed by a steady boom that is still going on today. Here are my 3 actionable learnings:

The market crash could be an opportunity

Different upsides on Mar 09, 2020 (circuit-breaker): AAPL, AMZN, and CHGG compared with S&P 500

Lookup for disruptive technologies

The surge of gene editing (green) and 3d printing (purple) company stocks/ETF in the past 6 months compared with S&P 500 (blue).

Find under-valued runners-up

In the EV charging industry, the less popular PLUG grows substantially 7 weeks after the initial surge of BLNK.


The above is not investment or financial advice. It is educational content that is based on personal research and experience. It is shared for informational purposes only.

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